Historic Preservation Collaboration

SCAD Wellness center Lacoste, france

This design project was a Collaboration Studio with Historic Preservation students while studying abroad in the South of France. The intent was to design a space that was needed by the SCAD community in small village of Lacoste. After researching and analyzing the needs of students, we decided to pursue a wellness center design to serve both the revolving student population and the local community. The space considered is an abandoned cave that would require an infill. The space would house a pharmacy, counselors office, and a doctors office on the street level, open to the public. Up frosted glass stairwells, surrounded by local limestone, is the privatized student spaces, with a gym and a community hang out space with recreation areas. Up to the next level is a student snack bar equipped with vending machines and drinks 24/7, with an original cove ceiling. In the space connected, we would add a small loft space above the recreation space with small tables. On the top of the infill and new construction phase, we would add a rooftop garden for teaching purposes for fibers classes as well as another student hang out space.



   Through the use of organic textures, natural light, and root-like spatial relationships, the SCAD Wellness Center will become a center for vitality and rejuvenation that reflect the students and the history of the village. SCAD Wellness Center imbues roots that come from the ground and hold the nutrients that support health, well-being, and community. The spaces will become roots that weave into the architectural system as roots of a plant weave into the ground.

Mood board 

Mood board 


PROPOSED FLOOR PLANS  Three level structure with infill

Computer Renderings of the PROPOSED Space


axonometric view volume massing of spaces


materiality INSPired by 'rooted in history' concept 

studio 4 materials 2.jpg


Callout of Sustainability Consideration for Historic Preservation 


Unique staircase to span multiple levels created by present cave structure 

Unique staircase to span multiple levels created by present cave structure 



Historic Preservation Consideration Area 

Historic Preservation Consideration Area 



final board design PRESENTATION boards for 'SCAD open studio' gallery display

Interiors  Kelsey Meden, Yan Myrian, and Kathryn Rutledge 

Historic Preservation Natalie Beisl, Melissa Eloshway, and Max Sigler