Studio I Residential Loft Design

LOCATION Bay street, savannah georgia 


conceptual design influence in furniture selections

The concept for this loft design was pulled from the famous saying, 'The World is Your Oyster.' This was inspired from the client, Ardis Vandercamp's personal life. Three directives drive this idea of the space as an oyster -- nostalgia, collection, and restoration. The nacre, the center of the oyster, is illustrated in the home by the placement of the artist clients home studio space in the center of the floor plan. This quote is also connected to the ideology of opportunity, of opening doors into a new life.  Thus, the space is all open, with each private room only separated from the public spaces with a glass sliding bar door or glass transom window.

 materiality inspired by 'world is your oyster' concept 

sketches Space and color studies of proposed interiors

design details ACCESSIBILITY based considerations 




SITE LOCATION current location of the cotton sail hotel